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Recently, Go! was successful in securing funding from three of the four political subdivisions in Bismarck to create and fund a sustainable position dedicated solely to local foods efforts in the community.  These three divisions are: the City of Bismarck, Bismarck Public Schools and the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District.

The primary function of the Local Foods Coordinator position is to support a coordinated, robust, and sustainable local food system.  Position goals include increasing the number of schools and farmers involved in the Farm-to-School program, increasing access to healthy local foods for all community members, with a focus on those who are underserved and most vulnerable, and continuing to grow and expand the Community Orchard and Gardens programs, with volunteers and educational opportunities.  


The benefits of achieving these goals include improved health and quality of life across the community, and increased health equity for underserved populations.  This will also improve the quality of life in the community by strengthening, improving and reinvigorating existing programs, spaces, and events, including but not limited to local farmers markets, the Bismarck Community Orchard, Bismarck Community Gardens, and the Farm-to-School program.  

Rachael Howard of Bismarck has been hired to coordinate local foods efforts, including working with local farmers markets to develop and increase their online presence and logistics, to assist Bismarck Public Schools’ Farm-to-School Program by researching possibilities of providing more locally grown foods in school meals, and to partner with Go! Bismarck Mandan and Bismarck Parks and Recreation District to oversee the growth and advancement of the Bismarck Community Orchard.

Rachael, a North Dakota resident for 10 years, has experience working with local foods and producers. She has her master’s in business administration from the University of Mary and can be reached at rhoward@bisparks.org.

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